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SRM / SCM Suites

Our IT solutions are flexible, robust and can be benchmarked against the best in the world. The products can be delivered in shrink wrap form for installation. We have the capability and experience to customize the same with any ERP (SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards etc.) or legacy system. Today Synise has maximum SRM implementations in India. The SRM suite consists of modules like:

Scrap Management System (SMS):
    Key features  
  • Scrap inventory tracking
  • Generate scrap details/records by any user.
  • Intimation of scrap generation to higher authority.
  • Higher authority approval as per hierarchy for sale/shifting.
  • Lotting & bifurcation of the material.
  • Online initiation of sale procedure.
  • Taxation (excise, sales tax etc)
  • Selling through e-Auction / e-Tender.
  • Material lifting.
  • Data of scrap of various locations is available on single click.
  • Multiple locations can be added.
  • Complete automation of scrap management records.
  • N number of employees can use the system
  • Shorten scrap management cycle.
  • It can be integrated with ERP, e-Tendering system & auction engine. Online communication available.
  • Role based security.
  • Item-wise, date-wise, bidder-wise, graphical & all types of report available.
  • Flexibility to adapt rapidly changing business scenarios.
SCM/SRM Suite:
    Key Features
  • RFQ creation / modification.
  • Send RFQ to respective supplier.
  • Online discussion between supplier & buyer
  • Submit quotation by supplier.
  • Online quotation comparison.
  • PO creation and amendment.
  • Buyer & vendor can send attachment (Drawings, etc.) with RFQs
  • Capturing scheduling agreement
  • Min / Max stock details.
  • Create GRN details.
  • Generation of ASN (Advance shipping note)
  • Increase ability to implement just-in-time delivery.
  • Reduce market risks through effective co-ordination and communication.
  • Improve inventory management.
  • Increase in on-time deliveries.
  • Increase factory responsiveness.
  • Reduce order cycle time.
  • Increase quality of customer service.
  • Add speed, efficiency and reliability to supply chain activity.
  • Online discussion reduces communication cost.
Material Management Software
    Key Features
  • Master Entry for Party master, Material master , Material size master , Nature of processing, UOM entry
  • Material inward entry for cutting, cutting & bending and bending.
  • Material outward entry for cutting, cutting & bending and bending.
  • Reports for Inward material , Outward material, AnnexureV, Balance Material, Balance Material Annexure, Open Challan Checklist, Balance Material Agingwise
  • User creation.
  • Data of Material of various locations is available on single click.
  • Multiple locations can be added.
  • Complete automation of material management records.
  • N number of employees can use the system.
  • Shorten material management cycle.
Collaborative RFQ
  • Online quotations
  • Streamline the procurement activities
  • Reduce negotiation and purchasing cycle times
  • Reduced purchasing costs
  • Shorten sourcing cycle

Request for quotation (RFQ) solution, captures, refines and expedites the entire purchasing cycle with the help of online collaborative tools.

On-line approval and ordering system
    Key Features:
  • Order Approval against purchase requisition.
  • Online PO creation
  • PO can be categorized like service PO, standard PO, scheduling agreement etc.
  • Facility to delegate order approval.
  • Online quotation comparison available.
  • Online queries can be discussed.
  • Facility to adapt new approval from old data.
  • Higher authority approval as per hierarchy.
  • Multiple locations can be tracked.
  • Order Approval Information is available on single click.
  • Help to track the current status / location of Order Approval.
  • Total Order Approval cycle time can be captured in the system.
  • N number of employees can use the system.
  • Multiple locations and plants can be added.
  • Shorten Order Approval monitoring cycle
  • Role based security.
  • Separate admin screen to track the end user.
  • Online communication available..
E-tendering system
    Key Features:
  • Online quotations
  • Maintain transparency in the system
  • Easy decision making

Using e-tendering system buyer creates RFQ (Request For Quotation) for suppliers. Suppliers fill quotations as per their need. Buyer compares all quotations from suppliers and select accept quotation from supplier. The solution will evaluate the tenders and help organizations to make better and well informed decision.
Using e-Tendering system buyer can achieve better prices by uploading the RFQ on-line.

E-Auction Services
    Key Features:
  • Dynamic prices in real time.
  • Higher transparency in the entire auction process.
  • Bidders can bid from their office itself thus ensuring wider participation.
  • Bidders can participate in number of auctions on different locations at the same time.
  • Offers competitive bidding environment to maximize realization.
  • Auction events can give you the cost reduction upto 30 % depending on the commodity.
  • It ensures you the best market rates due to competitive bidding environment.
  • It brings in efficiency in negotiations process.
  • It is ensures transparency in the process.
  • It is accepted world wide and is also being adopted by PSU’s India
  • “VERISIGN” – Security provided to all logins.
  • At the time of bidding, Bidder can see only his prices & lowest figure in the bidding without name of other bidders.
  • System creates record of the bids put in by the bidder with time reference.
  • Server is also protected with security device i.e. Firewall, fire, theft, power failures, web site hacking etc.