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Our offerings in brief -
Procurement Services

We provide the infrastructure and applications to dynamically assemble the right business, services and partners to serve all customer segments thereby building and strengthening business partner relationships for greater loyalty and liquidity. >> More

Procurement Auctions Event

Conducts e-auctions for procurement of materials, services, capital goods, etc

Procurement Outsoucring Services

Handles the entire procurement of Indirect Material and MRO items.

Asset Management Services

We help businesses become more competitive and achieve higher bottom line growth by converting idle assets into revenue within a short time, thereby freeing locked up capital for productive use. >> More

Supply Chain management

Supply Chain Management encompasses the planning and management of all activities involved in sourcing, procurement, conversion and logistics management activities. Handles entire supply chain of a company which includes functions like .>> More

Procurement Services

Releasing schedules, Managing Schedules, Laisoning, Vendor Development, Up gradation, Quality Improvement, Facility Audits etc.

Logistics Services

Managing Incoming and Outgoing material/goods movement, SubCon Activities, Milk Van Runs. Process Validation and 3PL for Mining, Port and Infrastructure etc

Warehouse Services

Internal Movement of material/goods, Un-loading, Loading, Receipts, Storage, and Issues etc. Kitting and Packing, Redesigning Min-Max Levels, Inventory Reductions, Improving Inventory Turns.

IT Products & Services

We have developed world class SRM and also developed certain CRM and HR related products. In Addition we have also developed unique tools for Order Processing and Approval, Web based Applications.>> More

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Procurement Services
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