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Asset Management Services

Most enterprises have obsolete assets, excess inventory, discontinued goods that they need to dispose of in a timely manner. Asset Management thus forms an integral part of the enterprise management system.

The banking system also has huge Non Performing Assets representing Bad Loans. To recover the loan amount Banks/ Financial Institutes are required to liquidate underlying assets.

Each situation has its own specific requirement. To achieve optimum results, the Asset Management Services offers a range of customized services to match the asset specialization, valuation of assets, client timing needs and value recovery goals. Synise Asset Management Services include the following :

  • On line dynamic auctions
  • Disposal tenders
  • Private treaty sales
  • Recurring sales scrap
  • NPA Management
  • Commodity Sales
  • Asset Resourcing
  • Asset Mapping Services

Deep domain knowledge combined with industry leading technology and business practices allows Synise to deliver comprehensive services, differentiating strategic capabilities and clear ROI Models, delivering value and best of breed services. We help businesses become more competitive and achieve higher bottom line growth by converting idle assets into revenue within a short time, thereby freeing locked up capital for productive use.

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Download AMS Brochure
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