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Logistics Cell

1. Process validation (RM)  – Internal / inbound Logistics
Logistics co-ordination from security gate
Traffic control
RM receipt co-ordination
Effective material movement for storage / kitting & issues
Effective utilization of handling equipments
2. Process validation (FG) - External / Outbound Logistics
Facility Planning
Channel Integration
Freight Optimization
Vehicle route planning and scheduling
Performance cycle compression
Milk Van Run
Vehicle Tracking – GPS
3. Logistics Arrangments  and Liaisonning – Element by Road / Rail / Sea
Road Movements:
Port Operations 
Arrangements required for material dispatch and receipt
Expediting proper and timely loading and unloading
Track vehicle movements
Proactive measures to reduce wastage and spillages
Liaisonning / control movements at mines ( iron ore,   coal, bauxite, manganese)
4.Logistics Arrangments  and Liaisonning – Element by Road / Rail / Sea
Rail Movements:
Port Operations    
Railway Rake Loading :
  Controlling dispatches from origin till railway loading point
 Witnessing / coordinating the loading method decision process
Getting railway rake loaded as per decided quantity / method
Expediting loading process as per the decided quantity.
Reciving  Railway Rake :
 Expediting rake unloading
 Quantity tally
 Expediting dispatches
 Quality Assurance
5.Logistics Arrangments  and Liaisonning – Element by Road / Rail / Sea
Sea Port Activity:
Port Operations 
Expediting loading / unloading
 Monitoring / control dispatches
Vehicle track while location transfer
Avoiding mixing of cargo
 Quality Assurance
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