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Procurement Cell

1. Procurement Activity
BOM explosion & MRP run by Synise.
Releases schedules to vendors as per Production targets.
Vendor Liaisonning.
Ensure effectiveness in Supply Chain Operations.
Ensure Timely deliveries.
Assist the Client to improve Vendor Performance
Corrective and preventive actions.
Logistic co ordination
Tracking of Material
2. Vendor Development
Port Operations 
Source identification
Negotiation Support
Supplier  recommendation
Expediting / Follow up
3.Vendor Up gradation
Assessment / review audit
Identification of areas  for improvements.
Preparation of action plan.
24x7 Vigalence at Vendor Location for Implementation.
4. New Parts Development
the development process efficiently to reduce the development span.
Port Operations
Bring cost effectiveness in development process.
5. Quality Audits
Document Control Audit..
Port Operations
Raw Material Inspection & Audit.
Process Control Audit.
6. Asset Verification & Audits
Physical verification of assets at client's place & at vendor end across the country.
Capture the information regards to Physical location / condition / Asset history & any other useful information for client’s Asset Management Team.
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