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As most the organizations expand they need to transfer assets from one location to another and from this location to a third location and it is possible that the organization looses track of the asset. Further in a multi locations plants it is possible that certain machineries required for a particular are available at another plant. But due to non-availability data new machineries are procured. Also the Companys' Act, 1956 mandates Statutory Auditors to report on the physical verification of assets by the management. These we believe are non-strategic activities and are also once in a year kind of activities. We offer to undertake asset-mapping activities with our Trained and Qualified staff across the country.

Asset mapping serves a number of purposes like -

  • Physical asset verification, creation of fixed asset listings and ongoing fixed asset updating.
  • Collection of techno-commercial data of individual assets and recording
  • Private treaty sales
  • Assets classification into various categories considering criticality, importance, usage and other factors.
  • Valuation all of movable and immovable assets
  • Customized barcode inventory control, asset tracking etc

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Download AMS Brochure
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