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Disposal Tenders

disposal tenders

Disposal Tenders is an auction process carried out for assets, which are not easy to sell or need specific type of bidder category. New surplus, non-moving, overstocked, refurbished, used and designed based assets are typically sold in this format.

As Synise does a part of the Disposal Tender Process, an inspection of the assets at the sellers end, following which a high-end catalog is prepared and hosted on the Synise site. Market making is then done to an identified set of bidders, who can then study the catalog posted on the site. After studying the catalog and appropriate inspection of the assets, these bidders submit their bids to Synise. These bids could be for the entire lot or many times for a specific item of their interest. The incoming bids are collected till the specified date and then submitted to the seller for their confirmation. The H1 and H2 bidders are called and the deal is closed with the bidder who offers the highest price.

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Download AMS Brochure
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