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Procurement Outsourcing


Why Companies Outsource

Procurement Outsourcing

Corporate decision makers know that improvements in operational efficiency and significant reduction in corporate spending can be achieved only through comprehensive analysis of cross company data. If spend cannot be measured it can never be improved and many businesses end up leaving money " on the table" instead of driving it to the bottom line.


Outsourcing to Synise

Procurement Outsourcing at Synise is the turnkey solution to the supply chain management right from the product sourcing to the delivery, it is the end solution to its customers. It is certainly not easy for the Purchase head to sign more than 200 purchase orders everyday which range right from a pin of Rs. 10 to a pump pf Rs. 5 lakh. The important aspect of purchase department is to focus on bringing the cost of its strategic spend down, most of the time is spent on clerical and non strategic activity. Purchase departments are lean and lacking manpower to cope with the increase in supply requirements. It is really not about costs as much as about the nuisance this 5% cost cause in strategic sourcing.

Synise offers the complete procurement management of "Source-to-Pay" lifecycle for indirect materials. We deliver transformational Source-to-Pay procurement outsourcing for companies in diversified industry segments, thereby helping our clients convert their fixed costs to variable costs and improve profitability, service levels, internal client satisfaction, and reach greater scales of productivity.

Synise brings deep expertise across a wide range of categories and services, using cutting edge tools, technologies, information, and well-integrated processes.


Synise Procurement Outsourcing services can provide significant benefits -

  • Operating & infrastructure Cost Reduction
  • Enhanced Company Focus on Core Business
  • Gain Access to World Class Capabilities, Experience, and Expertise
  • Shift Volatile Variable Costs to Predictable Costs
  • Transfer Internal Resources to Higher Value Activities
  • Shift/Share Operating Risks

Synise buys of indirect material are in voluminous in number and therefore can be made available with best prices, which an individual customer would not get from his supplier. Synise focus on direct cost savings to the customer by passing this price benefits.

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