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Special Services for MRO items

Procurement MRO Services

Plants & Machinery probably outlasts the working span of maintenance professional definitely that of the buyer who is supposed to take care of any maintenance and repair requirements. While initial years are largely maintenance free, the requirement increases with time with lower capability at the purchase to source replacements for such parts.

Imagine a buyer being asked to source a PLC, which has been outdated in a machine made 30 years back. Invariably the buyer is not ready to make good sourcing decision, leading to large and costly overhauls, even sometime scrapping a large subsystem to be replaced by a new subsystem. Large capital-intensive industries could benefit hugely from this through a specialized service provider. Maintenance budgets can be curtailed through this to the extent of 20% to 30 %.

Synise as a Service Provider not just supports critical MRO sourcing activity but builds up a long term capability by tying up with appropriate sources of such parts globally. Our success with a battery of companies on the same has typically saved customers replacement cost in the range of 30% to 80%. The typical items can be motors, compressors, PLC's, pumps, etc. Our capability gets a boost by the presence of a parallel offering called disposals where we possess a comprehensive listing of non moving but good industrial parts which can match a buyers requirement. A simple match can sometime fetch a price unthinkable made possible using technology.

Our esteem client challenged us to source an outdated Siemens PLC, which was critically required. We ran a search on our non-moving inventory database and found that the same module of PLC was available at Vikram Cement for disposal in a packed condition. We managed to source it at a price of Rs. 6 lakhs for 4 modules against a Siemens quote for up gradation and supply of Rs. 80 lakhs.

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