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Why Outsource Procurement to Synise ?


Cost Reductions

Synise as Procurement service Provider delivers cost savings through deep category domain expertise and market knowledge proven procurement processes and purchase volume aggregation across multiple clients.

  • Reduction in average unit price by 5 % to 20 %
  • Reduction in average sourcing cycle by 25% to 30 %
  • Reduction in average time to market cycle by 10% to 15 %

Focus on core competencies –

Outsourcing procurement frees companies to focus resources on their core competencies designing new products or winning and servicing new customers.


Improved Processes –

Synise offers market leading procurement technologies as well as the methodologies for effectively deploying world-class procurement processes.


Global Supplier Database –

Synise provides the most comprehensive global supplier database. This helps buyers in identifying, qualifying and negotiating with an increased number of global suppliers thus creating more competitive bidding environments.


Process and Domain Expertise –

We have the potential to streamline implementation costs and cycles further by leveraging experience and methodologies from previous procurement automation deployments. While offering programs and strategies for improved negotiations user and supplier adoption, contract compliance, we also offer services to electronically enable i.e (onboard) an
enterprises existing suppliers. Such supplier’s enablement capabilities are critical to e-procurement success.


Industry Leading Technology –

Synise provides best in class technology platform to enable better procurement with features like landed price bidding, multi currency bidding, 24x7 support.

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